Course curriculum

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    Welcome to Virtual Credit Repair Mastery Course!

    • virtual course intro

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    Collection Agency

    • I hate collection agencies.

    • What law regulates collection agencies?

    • I received a call and a letter from the collection agency.

    • What if they did not respond to my validation letter?

    • How do I stop them from harassing me?

    • Collection Agency Slide

  • 3

    Credit Repair

    • What is a credit report and why is it important?

    • Tell me how to get my credit reports.

    • The Dispute Process

    • What should I dispute first?

    • What reasons can I use for my dispute?

  • 4

    Raise your Credit Score

    • My Credit Score

    • How is my score calculated?

    • How can I improve my credit score?

    • Know who is looking at your credit report

    • Another way to improve your credit score.

  • 5

    Rebuild your credit

    • It’s time to rebuild your credit!

    • What should I do first?

    • Retail Cards

    • Merchandise Cards

    • Applying For Cards

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    • Credit E-Book